This One Beauty Step Will Help You Prevent Post-Gym Breakouts

So long, acne and bacne!

Time to come clean. By Dawn Chen 

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With the rise of short, quick workout options, it’s becoming the norm to zip into barre or HIIT class during lunch then head back to the office. Or you might go for a run after work then hang out with girlfriends for dinner. Whatever your schedule, there’s no denying that exercise is now a big part of our lives. And while we’re all for you clocking more steps and building muscle, one nasty side-effect that you may experience is dreaded post-workout acne. 

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Exercising increases your body’s blood circulation and sweat production. When you get all sweaty from a workout, these beads of perspiration mix with sebum, dirt and impurities that are already lying on your skin. Leave this to stew in your pores during your workout – and after, if you can’t shower immediately after your sweat sesh – and you have an acne breakout waiting to happen. 

In order to keep your skin clear, your best bet is to shower thoroughly with soap and water after exercising. This is especially important if you’re sharing gym equipment like studio mats. And when you don’t have easy access to shower facilities? Cleansing wipes are your BFF. 

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Keep a stash of micellar solution wet wipes on hand to refresh skin on-the-go. These gentle cleansers effectively take off makeup and impurities without stripping skin of moisture. My personal favourites are the Koh Gen Do Cleansing Water Cloths ($39, and Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Cleansing Wipes ($15.90, Use them to wipe down your face and body post-gym and change into fresh clothes. Even if you can’t shower immediately, make it a point to get out of sweaty attire ASAP. That way, you’ll minimise your risk of nasty breakouts and BO.

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