Worst PMS Symptoms Ever

Find out if your PMS is normal... or abnormal.

If that time of the month is always a nightmare for you, read on. Your PMS might be abnormal and point to something more serious.

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Painful cramps. Crimson tide. Bloating. All just part of the menstrual cycle, right? Wrong. 

Seven in 10 Singaporean women who suffered heavy menses also had late stage endometriosis, a serious gynaecological condition where cells lining the womb grow outside of it, according to a 2011 National University Hospital (NUH) study. More disturbingly, 80 per cent of those studied waited for as long as two years before seeking treatment. “These findings point to a general lack of awareness of the condition and the prevalent misconception that even severe menstrual cramps are part of ‘growing up’,”says Dr Fong Yoke Fai, head and senior consultant, Benign Gynaecology Division in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at NUH.

So when does “normal” premenstrual syndrome (PMS) go from benign to malignant? The experts answer >>>

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