"Meditating for Three Weeks Made Me Healthier, Happier and Less Stressed!"

Reap the benefits almost instantly.

Meditating daily: tried and tested!

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If you think the benefits of meditation are all hype, think again. Shape designer Lana Nguyen put it to the test and tried meditating daily for three weeks before bed. The result? More restful sleep, a happier outlook and better peace of mind. She shares her experience below. 

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I chose this healthy habit because…”meditation has long been proven to reduce stress, increase self-awareness and strengthen emotional intelligence. Since I constantly feel overwhelmed by the hectic life pace, it has always been on my to-do list.”

Cultivating this habit for three weeks was…“surprisingly effortless. I started with guided meditation for 10 minutes daily with the Headspace app and progressed to doing so without guidance by the second week. One of the most useful tips I learnt was to imagine that I was driving on a highway and that all my thoughts were billboards I passed. This assisted me in gradually detaching myself from my emotions and thoughts and eventually obtaining peace of mind. The third week coincided with a holiday in Western Australia so I had the pleasure of meditating in scenic locations like Cottesloe beach. The sound of the waves was incredibly soothing.”

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After the challenge, I learnt that…“meditation is a habit worth keeping. The practice has been transformational. I felt improvement in the quality of my sleep almost instantaneously. Since then, my mind has became more peaceful.”

Your advice for someone who wants to develop this habit? "Download the Headspace app if you’re a beginner. It is easy to navigate and you only need to start with 10 minutes of meditation a day."

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