The Answers to 8 Burning Questions on the Epidural

Answers to the most common questions about the epidural.

Will the epidural cause backaches? Dr Henry Cheng from Astra Women’s Specialists answers this question and more. By Sylvia Ong

The Answers to 8 Burning Questions on the Epidural_Syringe

Some women experience shivering, headaches and even vomit after being administered the epidurial. Photo: Illia Uriadnikov /

1) Is It Necessary To Have An Epidural?

Dr Henry Cheng: “Labour happens when the womb contracts. In general the contractions are painful and the degree of pain increases in intensity as the labour progresses. The frequency of pain also increases to one contraction every one or two minutes. As the feeling of pain is very subjective, it’s probably wise for women with very low threshold of pain to have an epidural. However, women who wish to try out the sensation of labour and later give in to the pain can always have the epidural at that point in time.”

2) Is It True That Delivering A Baby Naturally And Without Epidural Will Reduce Her Risks Of Suffering From Autism Spectrum Disorders?

Dr Cheng: “With every study there is also a counter study. Generally the feeling is that it does not increase the risks of getting ASD in babies delivered with an epidural.”

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