7 Realistic Ways to Squeeze Healthier Habits Into Your Lifestyle

Health  |  June 19, 2017
  • 1. Start from the inside out
    1 / 7 1. Start from the inside out

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    Flush out those toxins by adding lemon to your water. It not only helps with digestion, but also has an alkalising effect on your body due to a high alkaline mineral content. Room temperature water or warm water is your choice, but either way it will help.

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  • 2. Control portions
    2 / 7 2. Control portions

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    The easiest way to do this is not eat all the food on your plate. It’s ingrained in us to finish everything, but usually this results in us overeating much more than our body requires. Simply aim to leave a quarter of the food on your plate, or if you are conscious of wasting food, use a smaller plate for your meals so you don’t dish as much up.

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  • 3. Carb cut
    3 / 7 3. Carb cut

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    We live in Asia and rice is hard to avoid, but if you are eating at home you have no excuse not to make the healthier choice. Swopping white rice for cauliflower rice (and trust me, you won’t know the difference) cuts out the carbohydrates, adds in a vegetable and greatly reduces the calories. And, it cooks in half the time rice does.

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  • 4. Get moving
    4 / 7 4. Get moving

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    You don’t have to run a marathon, but how about you just set your alarm to vibrate every 15 minutes to remind you to get up and walk around. Take a deep breathe, stretch and move for a couple of minutes. You’ll avoid that nasty back pain and it will keep your mind fresh.

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  • 5. Try something new
    5 / 7 5. Try something new

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    Incorporate a morning walk (even if it’s to the bus or MRT station), learn to meditate (I use the Headspace 10 minute app), change your usual milk to almond or coconut milk, have a peppermint tea instead of coffee. What’s the worst that can happen… you may feel better!

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  • 6. Don’t sugar coat it
    6 / 7 6. Don’t sugar coat it

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    Sugar is hidden in nearly everything, so we consume far more than we realise, and is usually the cause of the 3pm slump in energy. Learn to read food labels so you at least know what you are eating, and try and cut out things like sauces, using substitutes such as fresh herbs to flavour food instead.

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  • 7. Sweet dreams
    7 / 7 7. Sweet dreams

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    It sounds simple enough, but most people fail in this category. It’s always one more episode on your new favourite Netflix series, an extra drink on a night out or finishing off a presentation for work. No matter which one you are guilty of, they are all keeping you away from your bed.

    Aim for eight hours a night and remember to turn off electronic devices at least 30 minutes before you go to bed. Getting more sleep has even resulted in weight loss for a lot of people, so you never know what can happen with a few extra zzz’s.

    You don’t need to be top of the class and do all these things the first day, just try and implement one thing a week and see how it makes you feel.

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