Japan’s Kinmemai Better White Rice Lets You Enjoy Rice With Less Guilt

Can’t give up white rice? Try the healthier and tastier Kinmemai Better White Rice.

The Kinmemai Better White Rice is everything you wish your food to be: Moist, creamy and super nutritious. By Estelle Low

Your favourite white rice just got a revamp, in the form of Kinmemai Better White Rice.

Kinmemai Better White Rice

Photos: Toyo Rice Corporation

Developed by Toyo Rice Corporation in Japan, the Kinmemai Better White Rice is a short-grain rice that has undergone a special buffing technology that preserves more nutrients than conventional techniques do.

Unlike regular milling which strips grains down to the centre, this unique buffing technology retains the nutritious sub-aleurone layer, removing just the bran.

According to the company’s research, the Kinmemai Better White Rice has 1.8 times more fibre, seven times more vitamin B1, and six times more lipopolysaccharides (LPS helps to boost your immune system) than conventional white rice.

Thai olive rice made from Kinmemai Better White Rice.

Taste-wise, the Kinmemai Better White Rice is moist and fluffy, with a slightly buttery taste. Using the company’s taste machine, every batch of grains is analysed based on their sweetness and umami levels, before they pass the mark for sale.

If you’re one of those who end up eating more rice than intended, you’ll glad to know that the Kinmemai Better White Rice will fill you up faster than usual. With the sub-aleurone layer intact, the rice absorbs more water during the cooking process. The company estimates that consumers will eat 10 per cent less rice than usual for Kinmemai Better White Rice.

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And there’s an equally tasty brown rice version.

Kinmemai Better Brown Rice

A gentle and precise buffing technology removes the outer wax layer (that gives brown rice the coarse texture), giving the Kinmemai Better Brown Rice a super smooth texture that makes it indistinguishable from white rice.

Thanks to the clever polishing techniques, both the Kinmemai Better White and Better Brown Rice are rinse-free, so you can throw the grains into the rice cooker straightaway!

The Kinmemai Better White Rice ($9.40 for 1kg; $41.50 for 5kg) and Kinmemai Better Brown Rice ($$9.80 for 1kg; $44 for 5kg) will be available at Cold Storage, Jason’s Market Place and leading supermarkets from mid-June 2017.

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