Everything You Know About Fat is Wrong

4 things you should know about the fat in your diet.

Are all fats bad? Which fats are worst? How much fat should you eat? Experts weigh in. By Sasha Gonzales

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In an effort to live a healthy lifestyle, many of us choose to limit the amount of fat we consume. We trim meat of all visible fat before cooking it, we make a conscious decision not to drizzle oil on our salad, and we stick to non- or low-fat everything, from yogurt and cheese to cereal and baked goods.

But many nutrition experts believe we are taking our obsession with fat a little too far. Fat has gotten such a bad rep over the years that we’ve come to look at it as the enemy. Out of the fear that we will gain weight and damage our arteries, we’ve given it – even the good varieties – the heave-ho.

Unfortunately, much of what we know about fat is not all accurate, and as a result, we have formed dietary habits that are doing our bodies more harm than good. For instance, if we are not avoiding fat totally, we are consuming the wrong kinds or else misusing them in cooking.

To make better decisions about the type and amount of fat we should eat, it’s important to know what we’ve been getting wrong all along.

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