CNY Taste Test: Best Healthy Yusheng in Singapore

Three healthy lo hei picks.

A must-eat every Chinese New Year, most of us would partake in yusheng tossing and eating at least once each lunar year. Here are three healthier choices to consider. By Esther Au Yong

Crispy Salmon Skin Lo Hei

A lovely, balanced combination of traditional and modern, this creation felt like a refreshed version of the conventional yusheng. While it still has items like shredded green radish and orange peel, the dish has been updated - and made healthier - with the inclusion of fresh, crunchy vegetables such as sweet romaine hearts, yellow frisee, wild arugula and discs of baby radish. These are all good sources of fibre and vitamins. And to add a luxe touch to the dish, there’s the addictive crispy salmon skin and pine nuts. We loved the tasty, savoury taste and aroma, plus the fact that they are full of heart-healthy fatty acids. This yusheng has no raw fish. Price: $118 (subject to GST and service charge for dine-in)

Yusheng Platter

We really enjoyed this massive, nutrient- and fibre-packed creation, but traditionalists should know that it’s more of a yusheng-inspired salad. The dish is made up of fresh salad greens such as romaine, mesclun, sprouts and Japanese cucumber. The addition of edamame and cherry tomatoes is a unique touch. Then, these are topped with generous servings of smoked salmon and large prawns (de-shelled, of course!). Lastly, eschewing the usual flour-based fried toppings, this yusheng is garnished with crunchy, trans fats-free beetroot chips! The plum-sesame dressing is tangy and not overly sweet. Mmmm. If you like salads like us, you’ll love this. Price: $88

100% Meat-free Yusheng

Vegetarians will love the “100% meat-free” offering from Sufood. While it is made up of similar veges that are included in traditional lo hei, such as shredded carrot and cucumber, the Italian-inspired dish has unique touches like the king oyster mushrooms and deep-fried lotus roots (we loved this!). Another interesting feature is the roselle-infused potato cubes - roselle infusions or drinks are tangy and refreshing, and high in Vitamin C and anthocyanins. Price: $20.80 for the small, $39.80 for the large
(subject to GST and service charge for dine-in)

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