Better Carbs to Eat When You Can't Give Up White Rice And Noodles

We tried: These healthier options still satisfy carb cravings!

These lower-calorie, wholegrain products are a better choice than white rice and processed noodles. By Estelle Low

The Kinmemai Better Brown Rice is smooth and moist like white rice. Photo: Toyo Rice Corporation

Rice lovers, it’s a tough world out there.

Carbs are always getting flak for contributing to weight gain, off-the-charts sugar levels, and increased risk of diabetes, among other things.

Overeating carbs can really lead to all those things. So can eating the wrong kind of carbs.

White rice, sugary bread, cakes and pastries are considered bad carbs as they are highly refined and processed. On the other hand, whole grains and wholewheat products are seen as good carbs, as they are higher in fibre, vitamins and minerals, and take a longer time to be digested.

If you’ve only been eating white rice, white bread and processed noodles, now’s the time to start incorporating whole grains into your diet.

These options will satisfy your longing for rice and noodles without packing on copious amounts of carbs. When prepared right, they are downright nutritious and tasty!

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Better Carbs to Eat When You Can't Give Up White Rice And Noodles