7 Healthy Juice Recipes

Grab a blender and juice up for better skin, immunity, digestion and more.

Add these unconventional juices to your meals for better health. By Yuen Yi Ying

Created by raw food guru Diana Von Cranach and nutritionist Mayura Mohta, these juice recipes boast an unconventional mix of ingredients like garlic and pepper to pique your palate.

Recommended for these recipes, filtered water is cleaner and free of minerals that could neutralise other nutrients from the produce, says Mayura. Also, use a blender (instead of a juicer) to leave the pulpy goodness in. According to Mayura, fibre binds to the sugars in the juice, releasing them slowly to energise the body over time.

Use of raw ingredients, like raw garlic and spinach, is in line with the raw food diet, or “living food diet”, Diana adheres to. It advocates eating produce uncooked, or at least not heated beyond 40 deg C, beyond which followers believe foods lose their nutrients. 

This spicy concoction doesn’t just enhance digestion and nutrient absorption in your digestive system; it prevents constipation and flatulence.

Healthy_Juice_Recipes_Good_Gut_Digestive System

Serves 2 

½ tsp cracked black pepper
½-inch ginger
4 dried prunes, soaked for one hour
½ cup coriander
¼ pineapple
200ml filtered water

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