7 Foods That Are Surprisingly High In Sodium

You may not know it, but these innocent-sounding foods are sodium bombs in disguise.

Watch out for these unexpected sources of sodium in your diet! By Estelle Low

As any bloat-fearing girl knows, it’s always a good idea to choose low-sodium soya sauce, as just one tablespoon (15ml) of regular soya sauce contains a whopping 1,000mg of sodium. Besides soya sauce, you should keep tabs on other salt-laden food as well, says Jaclyn Reutens, a dietitian at Aptima Nutrition and Sports Consultants

Though the Health Promotion Board of Singapore recommends no more than 2,000mg (one teaspoon) of sodium a day, Jaclyn advises keeping your intake below 1,500mg, as we tend to underestimate the amount we’re eating. “It’s not easy to track the amount of sodium in your diet as most foods come with pre-added salt,” she says.

Besides making you feel puffy, a high-sodium diet raises your risk for high blood pressure and heart disease, so trimming the salt is a smart move. Here are some places to start.

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