5 Ways to Eat Green Caviar, The Latest Healthy Food

It’s chock full of benefits, and goes well with many dishes!

Give your meals a health boost by adding this It ingredient. By Estelle Low

It's a matter of time before you start seeing green caviar everywhere: in salads, canapes, restaurant dishes, bar drinks...

A type of seaweed, this delicacy is fast gaining popularity among the conscious-eating crowd, owing to its slew of health benefits.

Though green caviar has been around for a long time, harvested in countries like Japan, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, it was not readily available in Singapore until recently. Dirisa Tan, founder of Meal Belly, decided to bring them in after being taken with their uniqueness.

She says: "Green caviar is so crunchy and exciting to prepare. It looks like a bunch of little jewels and is a great complement to salads and soups."

Also known as sea grapes for the colour and shape resemblance, green caviar tastes far from the sweet and sour grapes you know. It has the texture of caviar, and the taste of seawater: salty and slightly fishy.

To prep, rinse in water for 10 seconds, then transfer to a bowl of cold water to soak for five minutes.

Click right for some smart ways to eat it. Read more about green caviar here.

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