5 Tea Recipes For Poor Digestion, Bloating & Constipation

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Try these home remedies to ease that stomach discomfort. By Estelle Low

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Most of the time, we pride ourselves for sticking to this golden diet rule: Eat in moderation. Occasionally, party season comes and poof, your sensible eating plan goes out of the window. When you eat out or attend a social gathering, chances are the food will be oilier and saltier than usual. In a celebratory mood, you may even knock back wine or soft drinks which you usually avoid.

Feeling sick from the indulgent food and drinks? Here are some remedies to the rescue. Physician Neo Min Jun of Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic recommends the following one-serving tea recipes for various digestive issues.

1. If you feel bloated…

Roasted barley tea: Brew a pot of roasted barley tea with one or two teabags. Consume warm.

You can also add garlic to food, as garlic is known for its gas-relieving effects.

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2. If you had too much oily food…

Hawthorn oolong tea: Brew 15g oolong tea in 200ml water. Boil 3g to 5g hawthorn in sufficient amount of water for 15 minutes. Mix both and consume warm.

*Not suitable for pregnant women. Individuals with gastric problems should consume with caution.

3. If you feel like throwing up…

Ginger and orange peel tea: Put two or three slices of fresh ginger with 10g orange peel in 200ml hot water. Consume warm.

4. If you have constipation…

Radish soup: Boil a quarter radish with 150g pork ribs with adequate amount of water. Simmer soup till radish softens. Add soya sauce or salt to taste. Consume soup with white carrots.

5. If you have a hangover…

Pueraria flower tea: Place 15g Pueraria flower (葛根花) in 200ml hot water. Simmer for five to 10 minutes. Consume warm.

For more remedies, check out the wide range of TCM products at Eu Yan Sang.

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