5 Foods That Will Help You Run Better

These boost recovery and your energy levels!

Nutrition is important when you’re doing a high-impact activity like running. Here are five foods you should be eating. By Elizabeth Liew

Your diet can help boost your running performance.

Coached fitness advisor and sports nutritionist Caryn Zinn says, “You want to be burning long-lasting fat as a fuel mostly when you exercise, but also be able to use the quick energy source, carbohydrate, when you need to. This is called being ‘metabolically flexible’”. She recommends a diet based on whole, unprocessed foods, and one that’s low in refined carbohydrate, moderate in good quality protein, and high in healthy fat.

Overall, Caryn says there is no one food that exactly helps stamina for running, but rather “a range of healthy foods that you should include regularly in your diet to put you in the best position for having a robust immune system and maximising sports performance”. Here, she shares the top foods to boost your health and fitness:

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