10 Foods to Eat & Avoid When You're Breastfeeding

You can eat what you like during nursing, but some foods are better than others.

Here's a list of foods to load up on and to avoid, in order to provide healthy breast milk for your baby.

It's not false advertising to say that a mother's milk is nature's perfect food - and it's no overstatement either. Like eating well during pregnancy, eating well while breastfeeding entails getting the right balance of healthy foods and steering clear of the less healthy ones to produce good-quality breast milk.

Raffles Hospital's senior lactation consultant Ms Helen Cruz explains: "You don't need to eat any special or different foods while you're breastfeeding. However, you should try to follow a healthy, balanced diet. Interestingly, you can eat virtually anything you like while breastfeeding, but in moderation. Traces of food and drink can sometimes get into breast milk, and this may affect your baby. If you suspect that something in your diet is turning baby off his or her feed, try eliminating the food for a few days to gauge the response."

This article was written by Nur Asykin Ismail and first appeared in Raffles Healthnews. It has been adapted for

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