What To Expect At Your First Acroyoga Class

It’s not as scary as it looks!

Striking yoga poses in the air can be as simple as A, B, C. By Estelle Low

Acroyoga photos like this are trending on Instagram. Photo: Jasper Yu

Acroyoga is on the rise. There are more than a million Instagram photos with the hashtag #acroyoga, which is essentially acrobatic yoga, or yoga that involves airborne poses.

Since The Yoga Mandala started rolling out acrovinyasa classes in November 2016, the slots have been snapped up like salted egg chips. The studio’s co-founder and instructor Jessica Sinclair says: “Many couples have been signing up for the classes, probably due to the increased awareness of acroyoga. Of course, the poses look impressive when you do them right.”

Jessica is one of the few instructors in Singapore who’s certified to teach acrovinyasa, a type of acroyoga that combines different poses into a flowing sequence.

Currently, Jessica and two other instructors teach acrovinyasa on Wednesday and Thursday evenings at The Yoga Mandala. There are plans to offer more classes.

Curious? Here are some things to know before your first lesson.

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1. You don’t need yoga background to do acroyoga.

As long as you’re in good health and have no existing injuries, you are fit to do acroyoga. Of course, having a certain amount of core strength will help you nail the poses more easily.

2. You don’t have to show up with a partner.

No worries about being solo. There’s usually a good number of students who attend the class alone, so you’ll get to pair up with them. Your instructor will make sure everyone has buddies, or find an assistant to join in.

3. You won’t just be subjected to one role.

In your first class, you will learn how to be the base, flyer and spotter. With proper techniques in place, a lighter person can base someone heavier without difficulty.

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4. You will be able to check at least one acroyoga pose off your list.

Most beginners start with the front bird (plank) pose, which Jessica says can be easily mastered in 15 minutes with clear instructions.

5. You’ll need to focus, a lot.

Yoga trains the mind to be present, and so does acroyoga. In fact, you’ll need to tune in even more because every pose involves someone else. It just takes one misstep to fall or hurt yourself and your partner. Keep listening to your instructor or spotter’s cues, and pay attention to your partner’s performance.

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