We Jumped on Trampolines to Put New Sports Bras to the Test!

Bounce, bounce!

We worked with Triumph on the launch of their SS17 Triaction sports bras. Here’s what happened at this invite-only event.

Over 30 invited guests, including the media and fitness influencers, came together at Bounce Singapore on April 27 for the launch of Triumph’s newest sports bras.

The range of bras, named Triaction, is divided into the Studio Collection and the Cardio Collection. The former has sports bras for low-impact classes like yoga while the latter, as the name suggests, is great for running, jumping and other high-impact activities.

All guests wore Triaction bras, and were fitted by Triumph’s bra fitting experts prior to the event. (To find out check the different designs available, click here.)

The event started off with a presentation by Shape editor, Zarelda Marie Goh and Sharon Poh of Triumph’s Advertising and Promotions department. Zarelda gave styling tips and talked about common sports bra issues such as poor fit and lack of support. Sharon shared how the Triaction range counteracts these problems.

Then, everyone bounced for five minutes non-stop to set the record of most number of people jumping on trampolines together. A record was set and we got into the Singapore Book Of Records.

That’s not all. Guests participated in a kick-ass Bounce Fit workout conducted by Bounce Singapore instructors, which comprised of mainly high-intensity interval exercises. Later, we enjoyed refreshments provided by Selva Foods. Everyone went home with a goodie bag.

Here are some photos from the event:

Photos: SPH Magazines

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