Video Tutorial: Learn These Beginner Acroyoga Moves in 15 Minutes!

All you need is lots of trust, focus and communication.

Acroyoga is not as hard as it looks, really. By Estelle Low

Sick of your workout routine? Consider acroyoga. No, you don’t need a yoga background to do those airborne moves.

Because acroyoga involves three parties: the flyer, base and spotter, you will get to meet and interact with different people. The flyer is the person on top; the base supports the flyer; the spotter makes sure the other two are doing the moves safely.

Feel free to drag your partner along for the fun! (Also read: What to Expect At Your First Acroyoga Class)

I had my first acroyoga session with my husband Gavin at The Yoga Mandala, with instructor Jessica Sinclair as our spotter.

With her clear instructions and demonstrations, we managed to master the following poses in 15 minutes. (According to Jessica, most beginners have no trouble doing so too!)

1. Front bird pose

2. Shin-to-mountain pose

3. Chair pose

This step-by-step video shows you how.

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