Video: How to Lace Your Running Shoes For a Better Fit

Don't underestimate the power of shoe lacing.

With these uber-cool lacing techniques, you can make just about any pair of shoes feel more comfy instantly. By Estelle Low

Every pair of feet has its own quirks, so it's not easy to find running shoes that fit like a dream.

For those with wide feet, shoes may often feel too snug at the toe box, while those with bunions or odd-sized toes may be prone to abrasions and bruises.

To improve the fit of your running shoes, all you need to do could be to lace up smart.

In this video, Andy Neo, the assistant manager for sports marketing at Asics, demonstrates nifty shoe lacing techniques for common feet types: Wide feet, high arches, bunions, Morton's toe, and narrow heels or ankles.

Super useful!

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