Video: Amore Fitness Has A Cool New Machine That Lets 8 People Train At One Time

The Technogym Omnia8 machine is the latest equipment at Amore Fitness in Hillion mall.

The newly opened Amore Fitness in Hillion mall has a machine so cool, you can do an endless variety of exercises with it. By Estelle Low

Gone are the days when you attach yourself to one gym equipment during a workout session.

These days, exercising is all about variety, switching up the moves every now and then to keep your muscles guessing and your mind engaged. This mode of training is increasingly favoured by fitness instructors, and anyone looking to work their body from head to toe. Who isn't, anyway?

So it's timely that Amore Fitness brought in a new machine, the Technogym Omnia8, to its newest outlet in Hillion mall, Bukit Panjang.

Technogym Omnia8 at Amore Fitness, Hillion mall

The new Technogym Omnia8 machine (shown on far left) lets eight people work out at the same time. Photo: Amore Fitness

The Omnia8 is fitted with different tools - a power bar, straps, battle ropes, wooden rings, an adjustable bar, a cable pulley, a boxing bag and a pivot pendulum - so eight people can work out at the same time. Group training is fun, plus it's a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

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Designed for all levels of fitness, the machine offers endless ways to exercise. You could sweat it out via high-intensity interval training, or focus on functional training movements like we did in this video.

Feel free to ask an Amore Fitness trainer for suggestions!

Amore Fitness promotion: From now till May 31, 2017

In light of Mother's Day, Amore Fitness is offering a one-week fitness pass, a 60-minute aromatic swedish massage and an Algotherm travel set for $68. This promotion is valid for first-time customers, and ends on May 31, 2017. Terms and conditions apply. Call 6266-6822 to find out more.

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