The One Workout Move You Need to Tone Your Thighs

Video instructions inside!

You can do this exercise anywhere - no equipment needed. By Hayden Ng

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This move is all you need to flaunt your legs with confidence. If you need a little help to get your thighs in shape, watch the quick workout tutorial demonstrated by fitness instructor and Director of Rising Fitness, Alex Mok. Follow the instructions and you’ll be on your way to sexy toned legs in no time!

Video: Hayden Ng. Special thanks to Under Armour.

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Get toned thighs with sumo jump squats. Here's how:

- Position your legs to be slightly wider than your shoulder width. This will help to target your glutes and thighs throughout the exercise.

- Make sure that your knees are inline with your toes, pointing slightly outwards.

- Ensure that your chest faces upwards.

- Jump upwards with your legs parallel to the ground.

- Complete four sets of 20.

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