Liv Lo Does Yoga in Uniquely Singaporean Style

Ever wondered what a merlion or a chilli crab yoga pose looks like? We have the answer here.

We asked TV and yoga personality Liv Lo to come up with yoga poses to reflect the Singaporean life. The results are hilarious! By Estelle Low

There's so much more to yoga than just downward dogs and cobras. Every day, new yoga poses and variations are constantly created (or rather, discovered) by yogis all over the world.

If yoga could take the form of creatures as random as flying lizard, baby grasshopper and fallen angel, what about the *ahem* Merlion, and other uniquely Singapore things?

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In light of International Yoga Day (June 21, 2017), we challenged TV host and yoga instructor Liv Lo to show us her interpretation of various Singaporean food, icons and mannerisms, in yoga poses of course.

The chilli crab and chope-seat poses are just some of them!

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