Jaime Teo's Super Effective 12-Minute Circuit Training Workout

These bodyweight exercises will whittle down your waistline and tone your whole body in a flash!

Instead of scrolling through your social media feed, do these exercises for 12 minutes. You'll be sculpting your whole body and torching calories big time! By Estelle Low

Jaime Teo's 12-minute circuit training workout includes many bodyweight exercises that will sculpt you all over! Photo: Frenchescar Lim

Celebrity mum and co-founder of Twelve Cupcakes bakery Jaime Teo loves her food, yet she cuts a svelte figure. Not skinny, but strong. Jaime even has a six-pack!

Her secret? Bodyweight exercises that are done in 12 to 15 minutes in the comfort of her home.

"I find it a chore to dress up and travel to the gym. At home, I have no excuses because I have all the workout equipment I need," she says. "My go-to workout takes just 12 minutes! That's about the time taken to scroll through a social media feed, so anyone can do it. The best part is these muscle-building exercises let me burn calories even when I’m not working out!”

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Here, Jaime shares her favourite (read: most hated) bodyweight exercises, mostly in plank position because plank exercises are always tough, but so good for building strength all over, she says. In between, she recommends doing an explosive move to get your heart rate soaring.

The good news: This workout will be over in a flash. It takes just 12 minutes. You spend only one minute at each exercise, long enough to drain you without boring you.

When this no longer leaves you huffing (and swearing), you know you’re getting closer to your dream bod. That’s when you should swop the exercises for more challenging ones, says Jaime.

The bottom line: To see results, ditch your comfort zone!

The Plan

Do this circuit-training workout every other day (or every day if you can afford it!). Start with the heart-pumping cardio exercise X Jump, then alternate with a different bodyweight exercise, doing 12 exercises in all. For each one, do as many reps as you can manage in 45 seconds, resting for 15 seconds before moving on to the next exercise. Remember, maintaining good form is more important than the number of reps!

You’ll need: An exercise mat and training shoes.

(Click right to view the full workout sequence!)

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