How to Train For A 5km Race Like Shape Run

This eight-week running plan will help you run your best 5K.

Signed up for the 5km Shape Run? Train for it with this eight-week plan designed by running coach Andrew Cheong of By Estelle Low

How to Train For Shape Run 5km Race

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XT refers to cross training, which involves 30 to 45 minutes of non-running aerobic activities such as swimming, spinning or cycling. The best way to do XT is to vary the intensity: Do 10 minutes of easy spinning, followed by 5 minutes of harder effort and 5 minutes of easy effort. Repeat until 30 minutes is up. If you're swimming, try alternating swimming laps with kicking with board.

E refers to an easy jog at conversation pace.

I refers to interval training, where you do a series of short, fast runs over a measured distance, ideally on a track. The rest duration and intensity varies in between repeats.

In this plan: Run 400m faster than your 5km race pace, run 1km at your 5km race pace, and run 800m somewhere between the two speeds. You should be barely able to talk at the end of each interval. It's challenging but you'll build speed and strength!

LR refers to a long run where you go faster than conversation pace.

T refers to tempo run. You should run at the same pace you're targeting for race day.

Ideally, a training programme should be at least 12 weeks. This shortened programme assumes that you're already running at least three times a week.

Andrew is the founder of Coaching since 2010, he is dedicated to training runners of any ability for races ranging from 5km to 42km - and beyond. He a certified distance running coach by the Road Running Clubs of America, a qualified FISAF personal trainer, and has completed the IAAF Track and Field coaching course. He is also a certified Mental Toughness Coach. Andrew has competed in over 30 marathons and Ironman races. Most notably, he is an Abbott Six Star World Marathon Major recipient and has qualified for the prestigious Boston Marathon every year for the past seven years. 

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