How to Do a Handstand Properly

Master this cool fitness pose by doing the right exercises.

These eight moves will help you gain strength in your arms, core and back. By Estelle Low

A handstand doesn’t only look cool; it is the epitome of strength and balance. That’s why it’s widely practised in yoga, breakdancing, cheerleading and gymnastics strength training. To strike that coveted inverted position, you’ll need strong arms, back and core to support your body. You’ll also need to mobilise your wrists, shoulders and hips to hold the pose in good form. Sounds intimidating, but a handstand is achievable with proper, regular practice.

Try this eight-step workout created by Daniel Chan, a gymnastics strength trainer and co-founder of BodyTreeGST. You’ll learn to do a proper handstand, while minimising the risk of injuries. Plus, you can say hello to a stronger upper body!

The Plan*
How it works
Two or three times a week, do these moves in order, resting 30 to 60 seconds between each set and exercise. If the moves feel too tough, reduce holding time to 10 seconds and increase number of reps.
You’ll need A bare wall, a strong dowel or bar, and a 1kg weight plate or ankle weight.

*If you have previous or existing injuries, consult your physiotherapist or BodyTreeGST before attempting this workout.

Workout photos: BodyTreeGST

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