The Best Running, Hiking & Gym Shoes in 2017 - Tried & Tested!

Must-haves of the season!

You’re bound to find a new love (or two) from these 15 highly-rated styles. By Estelle Low

Sports shoes are no doubt, the biggest-ticket item in your fitness repertoire. That’s why it makes sense to survey the market and weigh your options before buying a pair.

Be warned: Shoes that are good for a particular type of workout may not be suitable for another. For instance, gym shoes are not recommended for trail running, just as running shoes are not suitable for weightlifting.

If, like us, you love doing a variety of activities, like running and HIIT on weekdays, and hiking on weekends, it’s best to get specific shoes for your sport. (Trust us, you’ll feel the difference once you hit the ground running.)

If shoe shopping sounds like a major project, it’s because it is. With so much new technology and jargon to process, it may seem like a never-ending search peppered with doubts and questions.

So here’s the good news: We’ve done the work for you.

The Shape team, along with running enthusiasts, put the newest styles to test, to reveal the best performers. Whether you do short runs, long runs, interval runs, trails, hikes or gym sessions, we’ve got you covered.

Photos: Darren Chang, Vernon Wong, Zaphs Zhang

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