The Best Group Fitness Classes in Singapore – All Tried & Tested!

FITNESS  |  December 27, 2016
  • Amore Fitness – CardioLatino
    1 / 11 Amore Fitness – CardioLatino

    Most Beginner-Friendly Dance Fitness Gym Class

    What An innovative aerobic workout that challenges your coordination through samba, rumba, cha cha, paso doble and jive elements.

    Our tester says “I’m not into dance, but I enjoyed this! My instructor, Fernando, made sure to repeat the dance steps so that the new students could keep up. He was friendly and encouraging, telling everyone that the most important thing is to move and have fun.”

    Photo: Amore Fitness

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  • Barre2Barre - BarreAmped
    2 / 11 Barre2Barre - BarreAmped

    Most Comprehensive Barre Gym Class

    What This 55-minute class introduces you to the fundamental movements of a barre workout, with a focus on alignment and building stamina to move on to the next level.

    Our tester says “The class was well thought out. The instructor made sure everyone could do the moves with proper form and using the right muscles. When she saw us struggling with some exercises, she tweaked them so we would still get a good workout without over-exerting ourselves. Time passed by so quickly!”

    Photo: Barre2Barre

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  • Bbounce – Bbounce Lite
    3 / 11 Bbounce – Bbounce Lite

    Best Trampoline Fitness Gym Class

    What Learn the basics of rebounding while grooving to the latest club music. All your muscles will be activated as you try to balance and look graceful on the trampoline.

    Our tester says “The workout was really fun and I felt energised after that. Overall, it’s a great cardio workout!”

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    Photo: Bbounce

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  • Contours Express – Circuit Training
    4 / 11 Contours Express – Circuit Training

    Best Express Circuit Training Gym Class

    What In 30 minutes, do a combination of cardio, toning and flexibility exercises using gym machines. Each exercise is done for 45 seconds, followed by a 15-second break.

    Our tester says “There was never a dull moment. My body was challenged to adapt to each exercise quickly, as I alternated between the machines and floor work. The female-only environment motivated me to give my all.”

    Photo: Contours Express

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  • CruCycle – All Levels (The Pack Ride)
    5 / 11 CruCycle – All Levels (The Pack Ride)

    Most Comprehensive Spinning Gym Class

    What A multi-level class for those looking to push themselves. Light weights and core exercises are incorporated into the 50-minute ride.

    Our tester says “Besides the usual spinning, I got to work my arms and abs from the strength training exercises built in.”

    Photo: CruCycle

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  • Fitness First – ProCycling Individual Sprint
    6 / 11 Fitness First – ProCycling Individual Sprint

    Best Express Spinning Gym Class

    What This 45-minute class will bring out your competitive streak. It’s all about fast pace and increasing your speed levels using interval training. Expect stronger endurance, power and cardio fitness.

    Our tester says “I like how the instructor placed a countdown timer at the front of the class to show the duration of each sprint. It helps students pace themselves and encourages them to persevere.”

    Photo: Fitness First

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  • Kulture – R-Remix
    7 / 11 Kulture – R-Remix

    Best Strength Training Gym Class

    What Do resistance training exercises to the beat of catchy music. You’ll learn to use the resistance band to tone and sculpt different parts of the body.

    Our tester says “The good variety of moves kept me engaged throughout.”

    Photo: Kulture

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  • Pure Fitness - Tabata
    8 / 11 Pure Fitness - Tabata

    Best High-Intensity Gym Class

    What Founded by Japanese professor Izumi Tabata, this is a high-intensity interval training conducted in a circuit format. Each exercise lasts four minutes, comprising eight 20-second intervals at a very high intensity followed by 10 seconds of rest.

    Our tester says My instructor, Brian, was encouraging and attentive to each student’s abilities, pushing them to their limits appropriately. I like how he easily provided exercise variations for different levels to make sure everyone had a satisfying workout.

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    Photo: Pure Fitness

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  • True Fitness – U-Jam Fitness
    9 / 11 True Fitness – U-Jam Fitness

    Most Challenging Dance Fitness Gym Class

    What A heart-pumping dance sequence that involves catchy hip-hop and Bollywood moves to the beat of the latest chart toppers.

    Our tester says “The energetic vibes are so infectious. I worked up a good sweat and walked out feeling lighter and ready to tackle anything.”

    Photo: True Fitness

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  • Upside Motion – Babies On Board – Xtend Barre
    10 / 11 Upside Motion – Babies On Board – Xtend Barre

    Most Conducive Mum & Baby Class

    What Targeted at new mums with babies who aren’t actively crawling or walking, this post-natal class focuses on strengthening the arms, abs and lower body using a combination of ballet, yoga and pilates moves. Infants will be held in the baby carrier for the first half of the class.

    Our tester says “I broke out in sweat very quickly, thanks to the additional 9kg weight of my baby. During the workout, my baby was entertained by her mirror reflection and the colourful exercise balls used in the routine. Instructor Beatriz was quick to provide variations whenever I had difficulty doing any of the exercises.”

    Photo: Upside Motion

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  • Virgin Active – Anti-Gravity Aerial
    11 / 11 Virgin Active – Anti-Gravity Aerial

    Most Comprehensive Aerial Fitness Gym Class

    What Hone your strength and flexibility by learning to do tricks and poses safely using a silk hammock. In no time, you’ll be able to perform flips like an aerial gymnast.

    Our tester says “The hammock was adjusted to suit every individual’s height. While holding inverted poses, I got a good stretch and strength workout at the same time. Also, the spacious environment with dim lights let me clear my mind and relax.”

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    Photo: Virgin Active

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