The Best Group Fitness Classes in Singapore - All Tried & Tested!

Get your workout mojo back!

These group exercise classes have earned our sweaty stamp of approval. By Estelle Low

Joining group exercise classes is about the easiest way to get fit. All you need to do: Show up in your sportswear. The rest will do its job.

What exercises to do? Your instructor will tell you. How to do them? He will teach you. Need a towel, mat or dumbbells? The gym provides all.

Essentially, group exercise classes are about empowering you to work out, so you have #noexcuses.

When you’re surrounded by like-minded women, magic takes place. You’ll try things you’ve never done before, go harder than you normally would, and even hold a difficult pose for longer without batting an eyelid. Because you’re sweating it out as a group (some call it suffering), with no judgment or expectations, you’ll want to give your all.

Through group exercise classes, you’ll also brush up on these areas of fitness: strength, power, agility, flexibility and endurance.

Group training has been identified by the American College of Sports Medicine to be one of the top fitness trends in 2017. That’s no surprise, given the rising number of gyms and novel exercise classes in Singapore. They are here to stay.

Recently, a group of sports enthusiasts – including the Shape team – have been hard at work, sussing out the latest and hippest fitness classes in Singapore to see which ones are worth your sweat.

Whether you’re a HIIT girl or a dancer at heart, you’re about to find classes that will excite you.

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