6 Stylish Sports Bras That Offer Amazing Support and Bounce-Control

Keep your girls secure while you work out.

We want all of them. By Dawn Chen

When it comes to sports bras, you don’t have to compromise style for support. Get the best of both worlds with the Triumph Triaction range. You’ll love that the entire collection has been tested and is bounce-control certified by the University of Portsmouth, a world-renowned research group in breast health. The Triaction sports bras ($69.90-79.90) also come with adjustable straps and varying cup sizes (up to 80D) to fit every woman and every shape. 

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Choose from the Studio Collection if you’re into toning classes like yoga or pilates, or pick from the Cardio Collection if you often do high-intensity exercises. In each range, you can also opt for wired or non-wired options, and lightly padded or push-up versions of the sports bra. The Triumph Triaction sportswear range is now available in stores. Scroll through to sneak a peek at what’s on offer!

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All photos: Triumph

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