5 Reasons Why My Family (of Non-Runners) Is Joining the Star Wars Run

May the force be with us all.

For starters, it’s just really fun! By Dawn Chen 

Photo: Disney / Star Wars

It started as a passing comment, which eventually morphed into the question “Do you guys want to join the Star Wars Run?” And somehow, six of my family members signed up. Just like that. The force was strong with us that morning. 

Now this wouldn’t be surprising if we were seasoned or regular runners, but let me just say that I don’t fall into either category, and neither does anyone in my family with the exception of my brother-in-law. My dad, brother and husband have never taken part in any organised runs, and my sis has only done a couple of 5km runs (including the Shape Run, of course!). So what came over us and made us decide to take part in our first ever run as a family?

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Here are some reasons that compelled us. Read on to be inspired!  

1. It’s the first time it’s in Singapore 

If you’re tired of the same ole’, same ole’ runs, why not try something new? This is the first time the Star Wars Run is coming to Singapore, and it’s part of the ‘May the 4th’ celebrations. It’s also to mark the 40th anniversary since the release of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. There’s no better way to join in the festivities if you’re a fan!

Photo: Disney / Star Wars

2. You’ll want to sign up as a group

During the Star Wars Run on May 6, you have an option to join the Dark Side or the Light Side. Every run category also gives you a chance to earn a different medal. For example, doing the 4.5km on the Light Side scores you a BB-8 medal, and doing the 4.5km on the Dark Side gets you a Stormtrooper medal. Gather a bunch of your friends so that you can all take part in different categories to collect all four medals.

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3. It happens in the evening

No excuses about not being able to wake up early, or the weather being too hot to run. The 10km competitive category flags off at 7pm, and the 4.5km non-competitive category flags off at 8pm. Running after the sun sets also means more room for the lightsabers to shine (Psst, you can purchase one for a discounted price of $25 when you sign up). 

Star Wars Run goodie bag entitlements. Photo: Disney / Star Wars

4. You’ll get cool Star Wars merchandise 

Come on, everyone loves goodie bags amirite? And when a run is organised by the Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia and local race organiser Esprimo (who, ahem, also organised Shape Run 2016), you know the entitlements are going to be good. 

Every participant in the Star Wars Run will get a drawstring bag, towel, participant’s tee and limited edition commemorative medal. Apart from the unique medals, runners on the Light Side will also get a Yoda plushie, and runners on the Dark Side will get a Darth Vader plushie. It’s also good to note that the bags and tees will be different, depending on which side you’ve joined (Light Side gets white and Dark Side gets black). 

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Star Wars Run goodie bag entitlements. Photo: Disney / Star Wars

5. It’s fun 

If there was ever one themed run that my whole family can get into, it’s Star Wars. We’ve been watching Star Wars movies since we were kids, and it made sense to take part together. Getting lost in an intergalactic world with familiar, out-of-this-world characters and award-winning music? Yes, please. 

The Star Wars Run is happening on May 6, 2017. For more information, visit

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