The 5-Minute Celebrity PT Workout

Ramona Braganza, personal trainer to Hollywood stars, shares how to get a toned and sexy bod.

Ramona Braganza Celebrity PT Workout

Celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza counts among her clients, Hollywood hot bods like Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsale, Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, and Scarlett Johansson. Ramona demonstrates an exclusive workout here, based on her 3-2-1 training method – similar to what Jessica Alba did to regain her pre-baby figure (she lost more than 12kg just 10 weeks after giving birth to eldest daughter, Honor!).

The 3-2-1 training method is designed to burn fat and sculpt muscles simultaneously by emphasising cardio, strength and core conditioning. Here, Ramona condenses it into a full-body workout to complete in just five minutes.

Do these moves in sequence, holding each move for a count. Repeat the set 8–10 times without stopping. You’ll need a pair of 1-2.5kg dumbbells. (For best results, do this after a run.)


Workout Focus #1: Cardio
Training Moves: Squat, Front Kick



Stand up tall, feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, elbows bent [A]. Squat low, keeping spine straight and torso bending slightly forward [B]. Spring up from squat and kick right leg forward as high as possible [C]. Return to low squat [B] and repeat kick with left leg [D].

Workout Focus #2: Core
Training Move: Burpee


Lower into deep squat. Still holding on to dumbbells, place them on floor, arms straight [A]. Get into plank position by jumping backward, landing on the balls of feet. Make sure that elbows and hands are in line with shoulders, and feet are shoulder-width apart [B]. Return to deep squat [A] by bringing feet back to hands with a hop forward. Hold dumbbells in hands with elbows bent and stand [C].

Workout Focus #3: Strength
Training Move: Cross Jab


Bend knees slightly [A]. Rotate torso towards the right and jab left arm forward [B]. Retract arm. Rotate torso towards the left and jab right arm forward [C]. Retract arm.

Workout Focus #4: Strength
Training Move: Forward Lunge with Shoulder Press


Bring dumbbells up to shoulder level, elbows bent. Hold dumbbells horizontally [A]. Lunge with right leg, keeping back straight and right thigh parallel to floor. Leading knee should not go beyond the toes, while the other knee should be bent at a right angle. Lift dumbbells overhead [B]. Return to starting position [A]. Lunge with left leg and lift dumbbells overhead [C]. Return to starting position to complete set.

The 3-2-1 Training Method DVD (US$24.99 or S$34.30, comes in two levels of difficulty to suit different fitness needs.

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