Mum-to-be Checklist: 18 Things to Consider Before You Deliver

Here’s what you need to think about before baby makes three! By Deborah Lin


Start preparing for delivery matters early. (Photo: Borges Samuel /

Well into your third trimester? Get better prepared for your little one by making a decision on these matters sooner, rather than later.


1. Private or public hospital?

2. Can hubby stay overnight?

3. Do you want medical students present during labour and delivery?

4. In case the delivery suites are full, what is the next best room available?


5. Vaginal, caesarean or birthing pool?

6. Pain relief options (such as laughing gas or an epidural)?

7. Positions that help you to cope with contractions, such as kneeling, sitting astride a chair or going on all fours?

8. Do you want to induce labour if it takes too long?

9. Can you or your partner see the birth (through mirrors or during a C-section)?

10. Do you want to hold or breastfeed your baby immediately after birth?

11. Does Dad want to cut the umbilical cord?


12. Keep, donate or discard the cord blood?
Note: Cord blood contains blood stem cells that are used in treatments of various diseases, including blood disorders and cancers. To find out more, visit  

13. Discard the placenta?
Note: Delivered after Baby is born, the placenta is an organ that develops in the uterus during pregnancy. It provides oxygen and nutrients to your growing baby, and eliminates waste from Baby’s blood. The Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland in the US discovered that there are more stem cells in the placenta than cord blood. More research is underway, and extraction of such cells is not available locally yet.


14. Do you intend to breastfeed?
If you find that you need help, consider Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group ( BMSG is a non-profit organisation run by mums, with a helpline (6339-3558) for those with lactation woes.

15. Hire a confinement nanny to help with your newborn and prepare your meals?
Tip: Ask friends with kids for recommendations, or look for a Thomson Medical Centre trained nanny via  

16. Have confinement meals delivered daily?
Consider options like   

17. Arrange for post-natal massages at home?
Steeped in Indonesian tradition, these are said to help with tummy toning and detoxing.

18. Plan Baby’s first-month celebration?
For a traditional touch (think: ang ku kuehs, red eggs and glutinous rice), get gift packs from

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