Beauty News: Laneige Launches New Water Science Mist

Keep these handy face mists with you so refresh tired skin on the go! By Dawn Chen

Photo: Laneige

Korean beauty powerhouse Laneige has recently launched their newest flagship boutique at Ion Orchard (#B3-53). What’s even more exciting: Laneige also premiered their three latest exclusive products – Laneige Water Science Mist ($28), Laneige Sleeping Ball ($2-5 each) and Laneige Lip Card ($10 for four pieces).

The launch I’m most excited about is the Laneige Water Science Mist, a range of facial mists with different benefits to refresh skin on the go. There are seven facial mists to choose from, and each dispenses a fine spray of skin-nourishing ingredients. 

Laneige Water Science Mist – Skin Relief (Soothing)

Calm and moisturise dry, sensitive skin with this facial mist. It contains cypress tree extract that’s said to have soothing properties. It’s also supposed to protect skin from external aggressors. 

Laneige Water Science Mist – White Plus Renew (Whitening)

The same Melacrusher technology in the brand’s signature brightening line can be found in this refreshing face mist. Another plus: it also contains green tea extracts to give skin an antioxidant boost.

Laneige Water Science Mist – Sparkling Water (Brightening)

Promote blood circulation and help to regulate skin cell turnover with this sparkling facial mist that has the effect of carbonated water.

Laneige Water Science Mist – Water Bank (Moisturising)

Dry skin will benefit from this extra hydrating facial mist. Spritz it on to improve skin’s hydration level, as well as its ability to retain moisture. 

Laneige Water Science Mist – Water Sleeping Pack (Mist Pack)

Get the goodness of the brand’s signature Water Sleeping Pack in this spray. It boasts the same Moisture Wrap technology to envelop skin in a moisture film and lock in hydration.

Laneige Water Science Mist – Time Freeze (Face-Fit)

With ingredients to support collagen regeneration, skin will look plumped and firmed with frequent use. 

Laneige Water Science Mist – Clear C (Anti-Oxidant)

Brighten skin with superberry extracts that are said to have four times the antioxidant effect of vitamin C. 

These invigorating facial mists will only be available at the new Laneige Ion Orchard boutique at $28 each. Keep one at your desk to perk skin up throughout the day, or use it to soften skin before applying moisturiser. 

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